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Shocking Behavior: Understanding Electronics Packaging

Posted by Jimmy Shah on March 20, 2019

This article was originally featured in the Q1 2019 Edition of SPE Thermoforming Quarterly Magazine.

With continued population growth, urbanization, and real-time global connectivity, electronics has become one of the fastest growing industries in our modern society. Constant innovation in the fields of smartphones, tablets, laptops, gaming devices, video recorders and television, increases the need for packaging material to provide safe, easy to handle and lightweight material that keeps the product safe from Electro Static Discharge (ESD). North America is the headquarters for some of the leading consumer electronics markets.  Products that were previously designed and assembled in North America but manufactured in Asia, are now returning to North America for production as a result of the increasing labor costs in Asia. It is very important for the part shipment and assembly lines for these expensive electronics to be ESD safe.

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Topics: Medical Packaging, anti-static, electronics, conductive HIPS, conductive ABS, Conductive PP, ESD, Dissipative, Conductive, electronics packaging, aerospace packaging

Integrating Specialty Additives for Custom Plastic Sheet Formulations

Posted by Natalie K. MacVarish on October 12, 2018
As a custom sheet extrusion company, we offer myriad options to our customers in regards to how they can customize their order. At the most basic level, customers can select from a range of products in different polymers and customize their size, gauge and surface. Taking customization a step further, customers can also choose from a selection of “house” colorants or have the sheet color matched to any color under the sun. In addition to this, Impact Plastics also has the ability to integrate specialty additives into the plastic sheet that further enhance the properties of the material. These specialty additives are added at the extrusion level through a sophisticated blending system that homogeneously blends the additive into the sheet, creating a truly custom formulation for our customers. Continue reading to learn more about some of the specialty additives available to our customers!
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Topics: talc filled polypropylene, calcium carbonate filled polypropylene, Mineral Filled Polypropylene, anti-fog, anti-static, specialty additives

New Capabilities Announcement: Roller Coater for External Additive Coating

Posted by Natalie K. MacVarish on August 24, 2018

Impact Plastics is adding new production capabilities to our current portfolio of services!  Adding to our offering of additive integration capabilities, Impact Plastics is adding a Roller Coater with the capability to provide a controlled and consistent amount of specialty additives to the surface of the plastic sheet.  

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Topics: anti-fog, anti-static, specialty additives, Extrusion Capabilities

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