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Food Packaging Color, Transparency & the Effect on Consumer Perception

Posted by Natalie K. MacVarish on October 5, 2017

Have you ever been browsing the aisles at the grocery store and decided on an item packaged in a clear container because you could see the food inside? Or maybe you chose one brand over another because the packaging design and colors caught your eye? Shoppers today are presented with an overwhelming amount of choices and brand owners often use packaging design to get their product to stand out over a competing product. 

Several articles and studies have been released recently discussing the correlation between color, transparency and the consumer perceptions when it comes to food packaging. Continue reading to learn more about what these studies say regarding the link between consumer perceptions and packaging design.

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Happy 4th of July Weekend from Impact Plastics!

Posted by Natalie K. MacVarish on June 29, 2017

With the 4th of July holiday just days away most of us probably have plans to attend BBQs, watch fireworks and hit up the beach!  Continue reading to learn about some 4th of July stats!

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5 Benefits You Can See Tomorrow with UltraClear Polypropylene Sheet

Posted by Natalie K. MacVarish on February 27, 2017

In our recent blog "UltraClear PP - The New Standard for Clarity in Polypropylene Sheet," we talked about how UltraClear PP is changing the way we view clarity in polypropylene sheet. However, UltraClear PP has many benefits beyond aesthetics that make it an excellent material choice. 

Below we have outlined five key benefits that you can start taking advantage of tomorrow by switching to UltraClear PP sheet for your next thermoforming project:

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Choosing an Extrusion Partner for your Next Food Packaging Project

Posted by Blake Kingeter on February 22, 2017

When a thermoforming company or OEM form fill and seal business brings a new food packing project to market, the process of trialing and sourcing packaging materials and formulations can be a long and complicated. Not only are material performance and functional properties pertinent considerations, but there are also stringent safety and quality requirements that must be met for packaging materials approved food contact applications.

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5 Food Packaging Trends to Watch Out For in 2017

Posted by Natalie K. MacVarish on December 22, 2016

With the new year fast approaching, most of us have shifted focus and started forecasting and planning for next years projects while looking forward to celebrating the holiday season. But year end presents an opportune time to reflect back on the evolution of the industry, consider changing trends, and think ahead to what is to come. So before jumping ahead to the New Year and leaving 2016 in the dust, we sifted through surveys, articles and customer feedback from the past year to compile a list of 5 key trends in the food and foodservice packaging industry that will continue to influence packaging decisions in 2017.  

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