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Relationship Between Crystallinity & Clarity in Clear Polypropylene Sheet

Posted by Natalie K. MacVarish on June 15, 2018
Polypropylene is a semi-crystalline polymer, and characteristic of these type of polymers, PP appears hazy in its natural state. But there are also clarified PP resins that offer drastically improved clarity, haze and overall aesthetics when compared to “neat” PP. So how does this work? Continue reading to learn more about the relationship between crystallinity and clarity in polypropylene sheet.
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Polypropylene Ranks Highest Volume Recycled Non-Bottle Rigid Plastic

Posted by Natalie K. MacVarish on June 9, 2017

As sustainability concerns continue to remain at the forefront of packaging discussions, using a recyclable and environmentally conscious packaging material is an essential requirement for many converters and brand owners. However, selecting a material that is recyclable is only half of the battle. While certain plastics materials technically recyclable, research has shown that infrastructure supporting the recycling of certain materials is not widely available to a small portion of the population. So steps to ensure that you are choosing a material that consumers can actively recycle for diversion into other applicatons is an important piece of the puzzle. 

To give insight to recycling rates of different plastic materials, since 2009 the plastics division of the American Chemistry Council has commissioned a study on recycling rates in the US. Continue reading to learn more about the findings of the 2015 National Post-Consumer Non-Bottle Rigid Plastic Recycling Report!

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NX™ UltraClear Polypropylene Sheet Showcasing at IDDBA Show 2017

Posted by Natalie K. MacVarish on June 1, 2017

NXTM UltraClear Polypropylene sheet will be making an appearance at this year’s International Dairy-Deli-Bakery Association (IDDBA) show in Anaheim, CA!

Continue reading for more information about the show!

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How to Decide Between the Three Main Grades of Polypropylene Resin

Posted by Natalie K. MacVarish on May 16, 2017
If you’ve read our blog before you know that we at Impact Plastics love PP.  It’s versatile, light weight, low density, sustainable – should I go on?

One of the wonderful, but confusing, things about PP is that there are several different grades of the same polymer and no two resins behave alike. One one hand, this is great because it gives us the opportunity to tailor the plastic sheet formulation to our customers application; but on the other hand, this can lead to confusion regarding which grade of PP is best suited for which application. So what is the difference? To offer some guidance, we put together a basic guide to help you differentiate between the three main grades of PP.  Continue reading to learn more!
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Impact Plastics to Exhibit at Luxe Pack 2017 - NYC

Posted by Natalie K. MacVarish on May 1, 2017

For the second year in a row, Impact Plastics will exhibit at Luxe Pack New York, the premiere trade show in the US dedicated to creative packaging. This trade show provides an exclusive event for creative packaging solutions for the beauty, fragrance, wine & spirits, and fine foods industries. Impact Plastics will be exhibiting in conjunction with Flock Tex, a worldwide leader and manufacturer of flock coated materials and specialty fibers. Get a preview of what you can expect to see from us at Luxe Pack NYC this year and be sure to visit us at booth B106!

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Learn More About Your Plastic Sheet: 7 Key Facts About Polypropylene

Posted by Natalie K. MacVarish on April 14, 2017

Choosing the right plastic for your application can be confusing, particularly if you are new to the industry. In our recent blog post, “When it Comes to material selection, not all plastics are created equal,” we gave a quick overview of the polymers that Impact extrudes, touching on their general characteristics and typical uses.

In this next blog post, we narrow our focus to discuss one of the materials we extrude in greater detail – polypropylene. If you couldn’t tell from our other blog posts, we at Impact Plastics love PP for a variety of reasons. PP is an economical material that offers an outstanding combination of physical, chemical, thermal and sustainable attributes. Continue reading to learn 7 key facts about PP plastic:

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5 Reasons to Use Calcium Carbonate Filled Polypropylene Sheet

Posted by Natalie K. MacVarish on February 10, 2017

Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) is one of the most widely used mineral fillers in the plastics industry, and its use in rigid packaging has increased significantly over the years. Once thought of simply as a resin extender, the addition of calcium carbonate in plastics has been shown to contribute to increased performance, improved processing, and improved sustainability of the finished part.

Check out five great reasons why you should consider using calcium carbonate filled polypropylene sheet for your next project:

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UltraClear PP - The New Standard for Clarity in Polypropylene Sheet

Posted by Natalie K. MacVarish on January 5, 2017

The benefits of polypropylene are indisputable – the material efficiency, sustainability attributes, and performance of the polymer make it an extremely versatile material. However, the one drawback that has pushed customers in the direction of other polymers such as PET and Clear HIPS has been clarity – or lack thereof.

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Deciding Between Calcium Carbonate and Talc Filled Polypropylene Sheet

Posted by Blake Kingeter on December 7, 2016

Working with polypropylene sheet for the first time often presents new challenges for thermoformers including shrinkage, low rigidity, and low stiffness. The addition talc or calcium carbonate mineral fillers can help remedy these problems while contributing added benefits compared to resin-only formulations.  But while talc and calcium carbonate both offer benefits, we often find our customers asking, “what’s the difference?” 

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Improve the Sustainability of your Packaging with Polypropylene

Posted by Natalie K. MacVarish on November 28, 2016

Those of us living and working in the plastics world have heard the comments before – plastics are not sustainable.  As sustainability becomes more important to consumers, pressure is put on brand owners to consider sustainability in all that they put out into the market – and that includes their packaging. I don’t know about our readers, but I believe that the sustainability of plastics are misunderstood. Not to say that plastics are blameless, but there is an unfortunate misconception aomongst consumers that plastics are not a sustainable packaging choice.

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